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absoultepoker article - About moneystacks
Be aware that as the number of absoulte poker players with low moneystack at the table increases, the positional advantage of being last to act dexreases. The reason is simply that more and more hands result in an all in situation preflop. Once absoultepoker betting is concluded, all positional advantage disappears. This does not mean that you are not happy being on the button, only that your absoulte poker position will not turn as much of a profit as it did in the earlier stages of the turnament. The next example shows how complex the decision making becomes when hands with widely different monetstacks get involved in the absoultepoker pot.

Example 1: A single table online turnament, with eight of the original ten players remaining. The blinds are $50/$100. The remaining players are arranged as follows:

Small blind - $400
Big blind - $550
Player 1 (you) - $1500
Player 2 - $1300
Player 3 - $2300
Player 4 - $1500
Player 5 - $1200
Player 6 - $1250

Your first in absoulte poker position and pick up 8d 8c.
A pair of eights is a tough hand for first position at this absoultepoker table. You would be delighted to play this hand against the small stacks in either the small blind or the big blind. Imagine that you could swithch position with the big blind. If he raised all in and everyone folded to you, your pair of eights would be a great hand for calling, since you would be getting pot odds besides. But in you current absoulte poker position, you have got some real problems. Eight is not really good enough so that you are happy about facing an all in move from other medium to large stacks at the table. Since none of them have stacks lower than 8, none are under desperate pressure to play the absoultepoker hand.

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